Question: Some girls places their own phone numbers, while others stands for the website phone. Why?

Answer: Some girls do not speak other language but their native language, or doesn’t have the necessary skills to chat with you without some support. That’s why they prefer to use our phone/contact service, which it’s price included. They pay for their ads, and they have the this kind of service to help them. And we’re living a period of time when it’s not so easy to be a total independent escort. Placing ads all over the internet goes much more safe and help them to collect much more clients.

Question: The girl is very late or is rushing the booking. Or she wants to leave before the time, what should I do?

Answer: She will be banned from our website and you will have your money back if you don’t wanna another girl to replace her. Our policy is very clear with both sides: girl and you. If you’re not pleased, so we have a problem. Excellence is what we reach for all the time. We’ll try always list only the best girls, honest with their services to offer you a great time. Any less than that and it’s over for her.

So, if you are having any problem, call us as soon as you can.

Question: Is it possible to meet the girl outside my place?

Answer: Yes. Lots of girls have their own places. Nice and comfortable apartments. And you can use Motel services too. They are cheaper than a 3 or 4 stars Hotel but very confortable and discreet. You can get some Motels, our partners and friends.

Question: What about the money?

Answer: It’s polite and better to pay in advance (before the booking). So you’re right that nothing else will be charged. If you have special needs, let it clear as soon as you set the booking. Far better and easier so you will have all the procedures accomplished in advance, just relaxed to enjoy your date.

Question: I love the girl, she is really something. I need one hour plus or so to share her company.

Answer: No problem. You can contact us and start a new negotiation if the girl do not speak your language. If she does, you can manage the “biz” yourself. Anyway, we are always ready to help you.

Question: I wouldn’t like to tell my real name, I need privacy.

Answer: We understand and we do what it’s best to keep you safe and to protect your privacy. But Hotels do not let the girls come up to your room if you don’t tell the name you are registered. You can meet them outside the Hotel, at the bar, lobby… but to confirm your booking, your name is necessary. As we said, you’re safe. It’s not our intention at all to put you in any awkward nor embarrassing situation.

Question: Any charge for booking cancellation?

Answer: Not at all.

Question: Charges for bookings in advance?

Not at all. In advance you can get very good discounts and benefits. With lots of partners, from Hotels, Motels, Night Clubs, Massage Parlors and Sex Shops, we can give you a great time spending less and having more fun.

Question: What about authenticity? Some photos looks familiar from other websites or some photoshop filling the profile.

Answer: Some girls are afraid to have their real identity exposed. Family, Boyfriend, Friends… we just ask them to use a profile very much look-alike or better: hiding tattoos (if that’s the case) or her faces. But very few girls make use of non-real photos. And it’s your right to reject her if she is not like she is depicted.

Questions: I have special needs, some other requests. Can you help me?

Answer: Of course! Be very specific, very clear and we’ll do our best.

We’re sure you might have more questions and we will be pleased to help you. So call us now or use our contact form or WhatsApp.

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